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UoB: A Building accused of Irregularities

By: Aziz Ejaz

Student Organizations jointly distributed a pamphlet to call for a demonstration in University of Balochistan against the administration that is allegedly involved in making the University a Business oriented and corruption affected institute. Beside this, the student organizations which include PSO, BSO, PSF, BSO (Pajjar) and HSF requested all teachers and student to participate it this strike to free the institute from illegal activities. The organizations are ostensibly united to highlight whatever is being happening in the Educational institute in derailing the aspirations and interests of the students from Balochistan and elsewhere.

Talking about the daunting issue a professor at university of Balochistan told this writer: “it is a clear fact that University of Balochistan has been a place of uncertainty since its inception and the administration has never been able to play a crucial role, and this all is due to insufficient support from stakeholders including the student organizations to make education a goal of satisfaction and achievable destination.”

“Nevertheless, this is the reason we still have the culture of nepotism and favoritism in our recruitment procedures, admissions and else for other categorized section. The alarming reality that eats us up is the menace practice of prejudice on the basis of ethnicity and races which is noticeably on the edge of significance”. He added.

“As long as we have the recruits on the basis of approach and political tie-ups we will not be able to make an education environment productive, today we do not have quality teachers, our faculty staff seems to be feed up and the culture of cheating which is a menace lose has been fully-fledged in the mind of students just owing to our carelessness and unpunctuality”, Said the academic staff member.

A group of students have affiliation with above mentioned student organizations told that: “nothing remains to be known ahead as a peaceful demonstration which was held for the students to demand for decreasing the fees, providing Laptops to the students on merit, to make sure the admission polices fair and make university far away from the interference of forces, has been attentively tried to be kept mute by taking the demonstrators behind the bars, tells itself how badly a system is running to tolerate a voice has been raised”.

The assertions which these organizations allegedly put on the administrator can be summed off as for their pamphlet is concerned, according to admission Policy University Act annually 10% in the admission fees of M.A, M.Sc., M.Ed., MBA and B.S programs may be increased but the administrator has increased its 110% which is utterly injustice for the poor desirous students to take admissions.

According PM Reimbursement Scheme somehow 5000 students were shortlisted to avail a scholarship but from them except 1000 students remaining still await to be availed but all in vain because this has been made the part of continually corruption from the concerned authorities.

In regards with PM laptop Scheme University of Balochistan was given 2000 laptops from the Higher Education Commission to be distributed among the students but except 1000 laptops all others have been made the part of menace corruption.

Another point which was raised has been briefed to us from the leaders of the student organizations that:“ University has somehow 300 its own security personnel and 4000 CPC police personnel but still they appointed private security personnel in order to make ways for more corruption’’.

They also criticized University administration for all those activities which only mean to open ways for its illegitimacy, there is an Auditorium in University of Balochistan which is constructed for conducting various educational seminars and programs concerning with students but unluckily this is being given on hire to National and International Governmental Organizations and students have been proscribed to conduct programs in it from the indecipherable administration of University of Balochistan.

Baloch Student Action Committee which is not a part of this above mentioned alliance has also pointed out its reservations regarding increasing fees, recruitment, admission policies and answering the peaceful strike with irony hands. The representative of BSAC said that they would stand in front of every act that was illegal and violating the rules and merit.

All these allegations are the bone of quarrel which has also attracted the Provincial Assembly speaker Rahila Durrani to speak in courtesy of these organizations. She said, “Such a heavenly talking fee structure for students of Balochistan is not acceptable”.University of Balochistan on the other hand has rejected all indictments and bravely stated that they are doing their best to make this institute among the top universities of Pakistan and declared all strikers blackmailer to defame the institute in sight of people.

Published in The Balochistan Point on April 7, 2017

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and The Balochistan Point does not necessarily agree with them.

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