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University Of Turbat Facing Plethora Of Problems

Sami Parvez

Turbat – University of Turbat (UOT) the only university in Makran division of Balochistan is facing plethora of problems, learnt The Balochistan Point.

UOT was established as a sub-campus of University of Balochistan in 2009 and it was upgraded to a University by incumbent Balochistan government in 2013.

UOT has been dubbed as a change agent for its positive role in education but there are some basic level problems in UOT that need attention.

A group of students of UOT talked to The Balochistan Point on condition of anonymity and disclosed the basic level problems.

Students said that in the beginning, master programs were free for students but later management asked for fees. “Many students couldn’t attend midterm exams of university because they couldn’t afford fee of Rs. 15,000,” alleged the students

Students further added that UOT management backtracked form its commitment of bearing the traveling expenses of UOT Students that traveled to Islamabad to participate in Preston University Business Competition.

Students complained that there is shortage of class rooms in UOT but the administration is expanding the disciplines offered in the university. “If there are no class rooms for existing students then where will the students of new disciplines be taught?” questioned the students.

 “Students of UOT can’t use the computer lab because its being used as a class room for computer since department and Library can’t be used because it’s used to train the newly recruited lecturers,” lamented the students.

Criticizing the state of computer technology in UOT, students revealed that Wi-Fi server of university disconnects the users after every minute and this result in making internet surfing impossible. Despite using the latest version, CI5, almost all computer systems of UOT hang after 10 minutes of usage.

Students also complained about lack of basic amenities such as cold drinking water and water supply in wash rooms.

When contacted by The Balochistan Point, UOT administration was not available for a comment.

Students requested Vice chancellor of UOT, from the platform of The Balochistan Point, to take prompt action to resolve these basic issues.

Published in The Balochistan Point on May 18, 2015

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