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We Are Partially Developed

By Zia Baloch

A neonatal, child soon after birth, observes development in every aspect of his/her personality. Sometimes children experiences greater physical development than psychosocial development. In other cases, some infants have well developed brains but limited physical growth. In any case such, children are called abnormal. It is a depressing fact that our society behaves like an abnormal child. In the twenty first century, change is inevitable and the formula of survival is very loud and clear; change or die. In our case development is not only slow but is alarmingly inconsistent. When one aspect of culture develops and other lags behind, the sociologist call it cultural lag. The cultural lags in our socio- political arena are enormous and worth observing.

No doubt, Introduction of democracy was a tremendous political development in 19th century in subcontinent. But, a question that knocks the heads was if our society ready for this development? Democracy in west was demand of common man. This was a result of higher literacy rate, downfall of feudal system, increasing individuation and industrialization. In contrast to this, in Indian society democracy was an imported idea, society had all traits of agriculture based economy. Rigid cast/tribal system, punchayat, slavery and untouchables, were its enduring attributes. Although, this political development managed a parliament, a constitution but democracy could not flourish like it did in the West. Yes we are partially developed! The political development did not carry out the development in other socio-political aspect. Expecting from a surf, from an illiterate person, from an individual controlled like a pulpit by the collective system of society to elect suitable candidates, is no doubt an irrational approach.

Story of our miserable partial development does not end here. The dawn of twenty first century in Pakistan was an era of telecommunication and media development. Internet was no more a product for bourgeois only. Society observed materialistic development in form of provision of personal computers, smart phones and laptops. But the upper story was never that much developed to use the facility properly. Resultantly, today we are ranked as the most romantic nation, surfing porn sites like a Belgian shepherd. The Facebook pages are full of hate provoking messages. The development has become an excellent channel for yellow journalism and terrorism. Yes we are partially developed because we receive hundreds of likes on silly videos and messages but the thought provoking, philanthropist messages and pages receives least attention. Death of Muhammad Buazizi was the catalyst but it was the internet that united the Arab world. Evidently, Hamid Mir along with hundreds of journalists are victimized by state and non-state actors. More than 1 thousand young men in Balochistan only, were kidnapped and brutally killed. Attempts were made to put an end to Mama Qadeer’s team and AmnaJanjua was beaten under the lense of media cameras on D-square. What happens???? Nothing! This shows we are partially developed because the intellectual growth did not accompany the materialistic development, like an abnormal child having decent height and weight but the gray matter in skull is not efficient to perform well.

Civilized world provides balanced diet to their children for their physical growth and admit them in schools for intellectual growth. A society where more than 25 million children are out of school and half of the population lives under poverty line, expecting fully developed nation is unrealistic. Civil-military bureaucracy and the populists do love to have such partially developed and abnormal society. Because, the day this poor nation stands like a normal child, that will, definitely, be the last day for the so called patriots—the patriots, who believe that they can kill anyone and exploit people in any way in the name of country. Rule of law can be maintained, self-discipline can be ensured, real love for nation can be restored and life of man can be made precious if every child gets basic human need i.e. education.

Such partial developments continuously switch on the red bulb and produce disturbing and alarming sound for the captain of the ship. But the leadership is indifferent because it knows that their success lies in such cultural lags.

Published in the Balochistan Point on May 12, 2014

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