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Lahore Losing its Beauty

Mahmood Ahmadzee Indeed, Lahore is a wonderful and historical city, as there are many historical places, including: Badshahi Mosque, Minar-e-Pakistan, and Shahi Qilla etc. Undeniably, these places remind us of our past history. In Lahore, tourists also come in great numbers in order to catch a glimpse of Lahore’s beauty by visiting its historical places. But their number is dwindling. ...

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Plight of Healthcare in Balochistan

Mahmood Ahmadzee Healthcare infrastructure in Balochistan is in poor state. Chief Minister Balochistan Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch has spent two and half years in office but he has not done anything on the ground to improve healthcare infrastructure. Government has just focused on educational issues whereas health is more important than the educational issues. Quetta has five government hospitals namely; ...

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How Social Media Affects Us?

Mahmood Ahmadzee Basically social media has played an important role in whole world. Social media has good effects and bad effects and it depends on how we make use of it. Our neighboring country India is advertising the educational websites for their nation but in our country our nation is just spoiling themselves by using Facebook and other restricted sites.  ...

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Curse of Drug Addiction in Pakistan

Mahmood Ahmadzee In Pakistan, youth is destroying them by getting addicted in different kinds of drugs. Drugs are a type of disease, which if a person develops, will never be able to leave easily. According to statistics shared by credible sources, there are 4.7 million drug addicts in Pakistan. UNODC claims that 800,000 Pakistanis, aged between 15 to 64 years, ...

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