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Disseminating Arms Race in South Asia

By: Mohammad Ishaq Nasar While nuclear arms race in South Asia is widely regarded as the most serious and deeply-entrenched problem which tattered the stability of entire region. The incessant security competition between India and Pakistan has created environment immensely conducive for nuclear arms race in the volatile region of South Asia. The nuclear arms competition between both perennial hostile ...

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Horrific Quetta carnage and some underlying realities

By: Mohammad Ishaq Nasar “The devil’s disciples have descended on Balochistan with full force this year, their evil mechanization on naked display in the gory games being played within the region’s strategic depths “quoted former IG Police Balochistan Tariq Khosa. While a span of less than a year has yet to be lapsed when the “devil’s disciples” turned peaceful Quetta ...

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 Declining Health and education sectors of Balochistan

By: Mohammad Ishaq Nasar Balochistan is regarded as one of the largest unit of Pakistan in terms of area. It covers landmass of 347,190 square km which is one and a half times greater than the UK. Beyond doubt, the Province is widely enriched in all sorts of minerals resources. Strategically, it has prodigious importance as it connects land lock ...

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