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Corruption in Pakistan and Its Cure

By: Suhail Mandukhel Corruption is a much-practiced evil from which originates countless misdemeanors. It can rightly be asserted that corruption acts like a “wellhead” for other malpractices which in aftermath, destroys the fabric of society. Unfortunately, Pakistan is replete with these all-too-often corrupt practices. M.Ali Jinnah, our founder, was desirous of foundering a corruption-free Pakistan where law would prevail over ...

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Musical Chairs of Governance

By: Suhail Mandukhel Tribalism-based governments in Balochistan have many things in common but the basic commonality is “party-shift”. Drastic change in parties’ position at helm, after every five-year, reflects the inconsistency of our rulers. So it will be fair to admit that Balochistan is the laboratory of bandied governmental power. Nonetheless, these rulers deliver a bit when they are jump-started ...

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Hooliganism of IJT in Punjab universities

By: Suhail Mandukhel Islam is protector of peace and No Hadith, verse instructs followers to suppress propagation of any sociable culture. The only culture which is abominable in Islam is culture of Terrorism but near to Jumiat-i-Islami , only off-putting culture is of Pashtuns and Baluch. On the joyful day of March 22, Students of Punjab University Lahore were feting ...

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Pak and Iran ties in light of Baluchistan

 By: Suhail Mandukhel    For decades, Pakistan and Iran had been in cordial shell when both were ardent partners of United States. But after Iranian revolution, this warmth began to transform into mildness. The root cause which brought about slump in friendship was distinguishable posture of both countries towards United States. During Pak-Iran Amity, Baluchistan was the focal point of ...

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Why democracy is weak in Pakistan?

By: Suhail Khan Mandokhel Democracy is not a universal fix. Political scientists have no any objection to this introductory statement. People in different countries can be found happier under authoritarians than they are under democrats. Most relevant example in explaining this paranormal fact is Rwanda, an African country, where economic structure beset with problems under democracy is now moving ahead ...

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