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Letter: Lack of standard education in governmental schools of Turbat

The poor-quality education for students in governmental schools of Turbat keeps me deeply distress. Education is supposed to be the gate way of country’s development and a weapon to accomplish our main ambitions but if we have a glance at the next side of the picture so, we can see the disgraceful and abominable condition of governmental schools of Turbat ...

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Letter: Turbat Govenmental  schools lack Course books

Turbat is a major city of Balochistan where thousands of students are reading in governmental schools and there are more than 20 high schools in Turbat city which don’t have any facilities of good books, good teachers and many more. In governmental school teachers beat the students by sticks also many students left the school because of beating. In governmental ...

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Letter: Betterment in many schools of Turbat

This refers to the letter “lack of standard education in governmental schools of Turbat” by Zarjan Niaz published on December 28, 2016. I have the same opinion with her on some points but I do not see eye to eye with her complete statements. She writes that most of the schools of Turbat are deprived of furniture, qualified teachers and ...

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