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Letter: Betterment in many schools of Turbat

This refers to the letter “lack of standard education in governmental schools of Turbat” by Zarjan Niaz published on December 28, 2016. I have the same opinion with her on some points but I do not see eye to eye with her complete statements.

She writes that most of the schools of Turbat are deprived of furniture, qualified teachers and boundary walls. Here is a little confusion that the ex Chief Minister Dr.Abdul Malik Baloch who belongs to a middle class family provided budgets for new furniture, buildings and boundary walls to many girls and boys primary, middle and high schools of Turbat.

It gives me pleasure to mention that Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch allocated budgets for building 38 new schools in Turbat, promote of 29 schools and construct examination hall in 48 schools of Kech district, and a hostel for girls’ college Turbat.  It means that he wants a better and a standardized Balochistan to educate the youth. It proves that

Dr abdul Malik gave first priority to education of Balochistan which none of other CMs of Balochistan did.

She misunderstood about the teachers of governmental schools, there are many dutiful and well qualified teachers with their subjects as a result majority of them have remained the teachers of private schools of Turbat who are providing standard education to students.  

Saleh Muhammad

Shahitump, Turbat

Published in The Balochistan Point on January 25, 2017

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