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Letter: Lack of standard education in governmental schools of Turbat

The poor-quality education for students in governmental schools of Turbat keeps me deeply distress. Education is supposed to be the gate way of country’s development and a weapon to accomplish our main ambitions but if we have a glance at the next side of the picture so, we can see the disgraceful and abominable condition of governmental schools of Turbat where students are disadvantage of their quintessential and rudimental education.

Consequently, instead of tasting this tasty fruit they are found to be squandering their imperative time in agricultural and industrial fields.

According to a research in Turbat there are total 27 boys and 7 governmental girls high schools, 38 boys and 14 girls middle schools, 263 boys primary schools and 104 girls primary schools but it hurts me to pen down that most of them are deprived of their fundamental and legislative facilities and sufficient resources, for instances: graduate teachers, cold drinking water, boundary walls, proper setting arrangement and modern equipment aren’t available in schools for students. This is the 21 century but yet the schools of many areas of Turbat are in such an appalling condition so that they cannot be named as schools.

The parents are not able enough to send their children to expensive private institutions as the (PSA) Private school Association made the education a prodigious profession of earning money.

In this context, I plead the CM of Balochistan to take pragmatic and expeditious steps to provide high quality education to the citizens of Turbat so that they should see a prosperous future.

Zarjan Niaz, Turbat.

Published in The Balochistan Point on December 28, 2016

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