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A good move by Balochistan Assembly to call students during sessions

By: Ali Jan Maqsood

We can estimate a huge difference in the politics of Balochistan comparing to the rest as a result, changes are reckoned to appear very often in province those are leading the province to get into a brighter chapter in politics.

As recently, the government of Balochistan has asked students of last semester of Law, Political Science, Social work and International Relations to submit their forms for attending the sessions of Balochistan Assembly where the lawmakers would be performing the procedures of making a law, introduction of bills, presenting motions and periodical reports, holding various public issues and many more things which are done in the Assembly so as to make their education a bit familiar and practical. Afterwards, the students would be asked to pen down a report over the things that are likely to be discussed in the Assembly and submit it to the government. If the reports of the students seem worthy, further procedures would begin and that would be shaped into the practical lives of the citizens of Balochistan.

The step looks very much beneficial which was presented by the newly elected MPA and ex-Senator, Sana Baloch in the first meetings of the Provincial Assembly in Quetta. He has been an active representative of the Baloch residents since first day of the Assembly. His focus is more on providing a better platform to the Baloch students who had never known the things that happen practically in the Assemblies.

On the other hand, when the locals themselves are called for participation in the legislations for them, changes are, for sure, witnessed since the educated-objects of any society can better calculate the wrongdoings or trivial of the society they belong to.

Besides these all, after completing the education, next generation of students can better find politics a platform to serve their nation in an even well-founded way which is a nightmare by now for the young generation of Balochistan. Sana Baloch felt the absence of students practicing politics in the province which, according to him, is a massive cause of the backwardness of Balochistan in terms of prosperity.

Consequently, Baloch people have been less partaking in politics for, it is as far societal individuals a curse. Since, it is believed that corrupt people only join politics. Even, we are suggested by the elders not to get into politics if wish to have a merry life.

We are always shown the worst side of politics in the province and the misdeeds which can be performed and are being performed but no one ever tries to highlight the ideal activities that can be done in politics.

The step of Sana Baloch and Balochistan government is worth appreciating. Balochistan’s politics is soon going to be reshaped by the inclusion of new well-educated citizens who will create a new era for the Baloch and Balochistan.

Ali Jan Maqsood is a Law student at School of Law University of Turbat.  

Published in The Balochistan Point on October 29, 2018

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this opinion  are those of the writer and The Balochistan Point not necessarily agrees with them.

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