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Anti-Polio Drops are in Accordance with Islamic Teachings: Religious Clerics

Quetta – Religious clerics of Balochistan including Dr. Atta ur Rehman, Maulana Anwar Ulhaq Haqqani and others have simultaneously said that they are ready to prove at any platform that administering anti-polio drops to the children is Islamic and reflect the practices of Sunna.

They expressed these views during a meeting at Emergency Operation Center (EOC) Balochistan which was attended by senior religious leaders and clerics. EOC chair Dr. Syed Saif Ur Rehman briefed the Ulema and religious leaders regarding the refusal cases and the danger polio virus is posing to the children and the future generations of Pakistan. Known religious leaders of Quetta Dr. Rasheed Al Hazari, Maulana Abdul Raheem Rahimi were also present on the occasion.

The UNICEF and WHO’s polio team leads were present on the occasion. It was informed that over 21,000 children’s parents have refused to administer anti-polio drops while among 21 percent had refused on religious grounds during the last campaign and the majority were persuaded to administer anti-polio drops. Quetta Block, comprising Quetta, Pishin and Kila Abdullah, are very high risk for poliovirus and religious leaders are urged to play their role.

“We discussed with every single prayer leader and religious scholars in the world even in Makka one cannot offer Hajj without vaccination,” Dr. Atta Ur Rehman said.

Maulana Anwar UlHaq has cited several examples of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) who had categorically stated that there shall not be any compromise on health issue and preventive measures should be taken timely to avoid outbreak of diseases. “Islam allows us to protect our children and generation from crippling diseases if there is any preventive measure which needs to be adopted,” he said.

The religious leaders said they had voiced in support of anti-polio drive during the Eid, Ramadan’s important nights and Friday prayers and will do so in future. “It is our responsibility to save the generation,” they said.

The religious leaders have determined to play their effective role in the next month’s anti-polio drive in Balochistan.

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Published in The Balochistan Point on August 6, 2015

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