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Awaran possesses no library 

By: Qandeel Baloch 

“You build a thousand castles, a thousand sanctuaries, you are nothing; you build a library, you are everything” says Mehmet Murat ildan. Indeed, a nation without having well equipped libraries is like a tree with no roots. The barren lands turned wasted space ones into intellectuals, for it had libraries to feed it’s children. However, it is adequate to argue that library revolutionises a nation catering huge knowledge and generating researchers in a society to contribute. It obviously reproduces creative and critical minds for a nation. When the name of library is taken is meant to give time one’s self, for no teacher teaches in library but self-study which polishes a man. Library is one of the most important places for the readers because it is calm and noiseless place for studying books and doing research. It is the place where people get food of mind, the knowledge works for the development of uncivilised nation to be civilised. If someone glances over the world then reads that the Philosophers, scientists and different faculty of educated ones had urged nations to join libraries. Of course they had sucked juices and are more experienced about therefore libraries had been preferred. 

Unfortunately, Balochistan lacks libraries in her each districts. Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan with 12.34 million population according to 2017 census and cover 44% land of the country. Balochistan takes attentions of the world because of  geographical location and is naturally land. The children of the province are left as children of God with having no fundamental rights such as education, social, religion, politics etc. The students of Balochistan are deprived from libraries. According to the population more than 2000 library is need for the province.

The campaign of Baloch Students Action Committee on #BalochistanNeedLibraries is highly appreciated, for it created a sense of vigilance and triggered the mind of the students regarding importance of library. The best supplications are always with the activists who strive to bring some positive changes promoting youth.

Awaran is one of the most backward districts of the province. People in the district face dearth of all the basic human rights likewise education, health, roads (no roads at all) so on. It is consisted of three tehsils named Mashkai, Awaran and Jhal Jhao and possesses 121680 populations as mentioned in 2017 census and it is 21630 square kilometre. Awaran district must had 24 libraries according to it’s population but it is too regret able that it lacks libraries even no library is constructed when it was created as a separate in 11 November 1992.

The ruling classes of the district brought no changing in education sector till today. Unfortunately, Balochistan government and district education officers never bother to build libraries for the district minimum 5 libraries for each tehsil. The district has been left as abandoned infant and could not grab the attention of provincial government and other NGO sectors. It is, however, beyond someone’s imagination that a district of rich Balochistan could be so backward, not only Awaran but whole province.  It is a venerable request to provincial government to construct 24 library according to the population for the students of the district and higher education sector Balochistan must send auditing officer for check balance in educational institutions.

Published in The Balochistan Point on February 5, 2019

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