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Balochistan: Suggesting Few Solutions For Problems

Ahsan Tariq

Balochistan at present is engulfed by plethora of problems. People are deprived of every necessity, economy of the province is in shambles, Young professionals are jobless and Law and order situation is deteriorating among a lot of other problems. In this situation what should be done?

Before suggesting a solution for the problems of Balochistan, let us have a glance on its demographics, which are one of the key factors for making any policy.  The prominent tribes are Baloch and Pashtoons. Baloch further have notable tribes that include Mengal, Bugti, Marri, Jamali, Lehri, Langho and Dashti. Similarly the respectable tribes of Pashtoons are Kakar, Tareen, Achakzai, Kasi, Durrani, Khilji. These tribes are the biggest ones with respect to their population.

Now having such diverse population, it is quite evident that Balochistan has everything i.e. water, minerals, and diverse population to be a prosperous province.

The question I raised earlier that what should be done. People like Sardars and those who have the resources have the golden opportunity to invest in their people. As they say “There is always an opportunity in the crisis.”

Things have gone wrong and the serious issues had impoverished the people of Balochistan and made their lives miserable. The best thing or the policy should be to save what has left behind. We don’t have enough educational institutions in the province.

Former Chief Minister of Balochistan Sardar Akhtar Mengal has offered 100 acres of land, free of cost, for construction of a university in his hometown of Wadh. This offer is indeed an admirable act. More people and other Sardars should come forward and play their due role in uplifting the living standards of Baloch people.

The concept of student councils is a great idea to promote students from Balochistan for higher education. Here I would like to mention the Baloch Student Council of International Islamic University which is doing a good job in their jurisdiction. They guide students coming from Balochistan to the capital for higher education. This concept should be free from politics and must be extended to every corner. These councils can promote message of love and peace.

Other than education, there is severe shortage of quality health facilities in the province. It therefore, requires immediate action. People have to visit Quetta from far flung areas of Balochistan for treatment and there also lacks quality health facilities. Provincial government instead of wasting money in useless projects should invest in education, health and job creation for the residents of Balochistan.

The perception of Baloch people created in the minds of common Pakistani is totally opposite. I happened to be friends with quite a few Baloch and had never felt any such thing we call hatred.

I myself belong from Quetta understand how things have deteriorated there. It is my humble request to the people of Balochistan, Sardars, MNAs, MPAs, and most importantly to Chief Minister and the Army, that it is time we should end this grudge and disproportionate acts, so that we can move forward and save what has left, otherwise the time will come when it would be too late.

Therefore, all the stakeholders of Balochistan and particularly the Baloch should realize that if no one is giving you let us build ourselves as we had lost many and also to save the province from further destruction. This can be done only if we perform our duties with honesty and dedication thus making it a peaceful and prosperous province.

Make yourself strong enough by getting Education, joining Civil Service, fight for your security and dignity by becoming the part of Armed forces so that we can build a strong and peaceful Balochistan for our coming generations.

Published in The Balochistan Point on May 3, 2015

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are those of the Author and The Balochistan Point not necessarily agrees with them.

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