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Bleak Future of Balochistan Educational Sector

Akhtar Baloch

The overall educational sector of Balochistan has failed to provide quality education because it lacks qualified human resources and sufficient schools and infrastructure. According to Policy planning and Implementation Unit (PPIU) there is only one middle school for approximately 9 primary schools. Total there are 10,585 primary schools and 1,165 middle schools; most of which lack basic facilities like furniture and sanitation facilities.  Half of schools in Balochistan are single teacher schools the average teacher and pupil ratio is 1:38 it means that there is 1 teacher for 38 students which clarifies that all students may not be able to receive equal attention in learning environment and causing quality of education to suffer. According to another report 2.3 million children are out of school in Balochistan province. Literacy in province remains 39%.

There is only one middle school for approximately 9 primary schools.

In these conditions, where students have no facility for quality education, most rich people send their children to other provinces for Quality Education but poor people have limited resource that’s why their children become deprived of quality education. Balochistan Government has recently started a new Drama with the name of “Educational emergency” and results of this emergency can easily be seen in intermediate result 2015 where most students failed. So before implementing Educational Emergency one must review situation of schools and colleges in the province. How can you expect good marks from the student who never has seen his school and even he doesn’t know that what are his subjects?

Why do students cheat in exams?

The reason is the poor quality of education that they are receiving. In most of the schools there are not enough teachers. Where there are teachers they have poor quality of teaching. Here I would like to give example of my own district Bolan. The population of district Bolan is 450,000. According to 2008-09 survey there are only 409 schools, 2 inter colleges and no degree college. This district has 27 Union councils but still it has no degree college. After intermediate most of the students are unable to continue their education because they can’t afford to go to Quetta or Sibi for higher education.

Balochistan Government has recently started a new Drama with the name of Educational emergency.

So before implementing Educational Emergency we have to provide Quality education. Recently 2015 intermediate result has destroyed academic careers of many talented students. 71% of candidate failed in intermediate exams and those who passed the exams have scored very low marks on average. This result has effectively disabled students to secure admissions in well-reputed institutes of the country.

If Balochistan government is really interested in improving quality of education, than firstly they have to get rid of all corrupt officers in education department.

Secondly, they must take action against illegal appointments in colleges and universities.

Thirdly, it must provide basic facilities to every school and only then the Educational Emergency can be meaningful.

Author is a student of Institute of Management Sciences BZU Multan. He can be reached at:

Published in The Balochistan Point on September 13, 2015

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are those of the author and The Balochistan Point not necessarily agrees with them.

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