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BPSC is Illuminating the educated youth of the province

By: Akhtar Baloch

Balochistan has served to be one of the main hubs of talent. The sons of this fertile land are considered to be the key inputs in a number of sectors. The recent trends have derived a large number of educated youth of this territory to divert their careers towards the competitive examinations. The Balochistan Public Service Commission (BPSC) is enabling these aspirants to turn their dreams into a reality. Though a decade ago, this Commission was harried with problems, but from past few years, this has earned great feats by remaining a key savior of merit.  The recently declared result of competitive examination by this autonomous body, is being questioned by few aspirants and social media campaigns are also at its peak, where attempts are being made to defame this full-fledged institution.

The BPSC has also requested the FIA to investigate these campaigns. Though the thrills and spills tend to be the part of competitive examinations, slandering of examination conducting body in case of failure may not prove fruitful in long run.

No doubt there are loopholes which should be overcome on immediate basis, but such abnormal initiatives to address these may further multiply the problems. Beyond all disputes, the current administration of this institution has aided the meritocracy to a large extent. This is due to their efforts, in uplifting merit, that the libraries of Balochistan have once again got filled with aspirants and a large number of poor students have reached their goals by getting allocated in various administrative slots; the living epitome being the son of a fruit seller getting allocated as the assistant commissioner.  So the way they enabled BPSC to earn the trust of the masses will always remain in the annals of history and their names will always be pronounced in the golden stories of this province. Their sacrifices need to be valued and appreciated instead of attempting to hurt their struggle for uplifting the merit in Balochistan.

The aspirants having doubt on the result, should use proper channels to sort out this situation instead of defaming a core institution and concerned authorities should also play their role in bringing this institution at par as those of the other provinces. The blame-game may have a very negative impact on the minds of all the stakeholders. This may start small but keep on multiplying, eventually spreading and infecting the whole youth of the province.

Published in The Balochistan Point on June 3, 2019

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this blog are those of the writer and The Balochistan Point not necessarily agrees with them

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