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Editorial: Dr. Malik’s loyalty to PML-N

  It seems that the One-man government in Balochistan is running only on suspending   teachers and doctors to make its performance better. Since being elected as Chief Minister of Balochistan till today Dr, Abdul Malik has not done anything remarkable which proves that the situation in Balochistan is getting better. The law and order condition   is getting bad to worse, the atrocious attacks on Shia community totally go against the claims for their protection and prove the failure of new government in Balochistan regarding maintenance of law and order situation.

On 18th July the writ of law was suddenly seen implemented, when   Chief Minister Balochistan, Dr. Abdu  Malik Baloch suspended the services of Superintendent Police City Samiullah Soomro after a clash between personal guards of senior MPA Sardar Sanaullah Zehri and policemen at the entrance of the Balochistan Assembly on Thursday from entering into Balochistan Assembly.

Police officials say that they stopped private vehicles and the private security guards of the senior minister, when they were entering the Balochistan Assembly building in their Private Vehicle. Since the   armed men are not allowed to enter assembly building as per the directives of speaker Balochistan Assembly Jan Muhammad Jamali.

Chief Minister Balochistan, Dr. Malik Baloch suspended the services of Superintendent Police City, justifying that Sardar Zehri had tribal; therefore, his private security guards closely guard him. 18th July’s incident envisages that government is totally promoting favoritism and elite classes, though chief minister is said to be the middle class leader, yet it is proved that this government is dependent   on the support of tribal leaders.

Dr.Malik’s this decision and way of implementing the ‘writ of law’,  is very condemnable .Government’s this act  not only mirrors biasness but also explains in simple terms that CM is morally blackmailed by PML-N due to mercy on  him for electing him  Chief Minister of Balochistan. Suspension of Superintendent Police City Quetta is clear evidence for being loyal to PML-N and its leadership.

 It has been proved that there is no empowerment of middle class in Balochistan and just government is flying its own kite. The new government seems to be on the same track of past government.

It is suggested, Dr. Baloch should avoid making such decisions which may be counted as political blunders of his career, while adoring only ruling party or Islamabad. Rather than paying attention to such minor issues Dr. Baloch needs to strive to overcome burning issues of Balochistan because since he has become Chief Minister of Balochistan, rapidity in recovering of Baloch missing persons has become daily routine and law and order situation has worsened.



The Balochistan Point

Published in The Balochistan Point on July 20, 2013

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