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Education system in Awaran

By: Waseem Nood

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can be used to change the world” said an eminent figure Nelson Mandela. Indeed, education holds immense importance in the modern world. As, it gives a sense to differentiate good and bad deeds .in fact, it is and has been one of the most important tools to expunge ignorance. on the other hand, the article of 25-A constitution of 1973 guarantees the free and compulsory education to all. unfortunately, the article, which provides free and compulsory education is not implemented.

It is heartening to note that in this 21st century, the era of technology where countries like China makes artificial moon and bridge in the sea, but the masses of district Awaran still face hardships in education sector in this modern era.  

 The district lack schools and colleges. There may exit some but good for nothing.  It really saddens to highlight that Awaran, which is one of the largest districts of Balochistan has still not a degree college. On the other hand, according to Pakistan District Education Ranking 2017, a report by Alif Ailaan reveals that district Awaran is ranked at number 137 nationally.

Awaran is the most backward district of Balochistan. Optimistically, the system can be improved by some sincere and concrete measures if Government implements the article 25A of the constitution.

 Published in The Balochistan Point on February 2, 2019


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