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Effects of Covid-19 On Online Shopping Behavior

By: B.A Khan

Since the global pandemic has made us all change the way we see things. We understand that the Covi-19 implications will last for decades, and it also has brought some extremely dynamic effects on online shopping behaviors.

People are changing the way they do supermarket run, and from the time social distancing has become a priority, online shopping in Pakistan has also changed its course.

Now more than ever, shopping for only the necessary items has become the new normal. With the second wave of coronavirus, it has made people more tense, and they are taking some decision under the light of that.

We have analyzed some of the behavioral changes found in the people due to the Covi-19, and you can understand how it is affecting online shopping.

Behavior of Consumers Due to the Pandemic

Some of the changes that are observed in the behaviors of the consumers are quite interesting to see. They have managed to identify better ways to make their shopping experiences safer and more fulfilling. Here are some significant effects that have been seen on their behavior of consumers after the second wave of Covid-19.

Shifting Towards Basic Necessities

The people have understood the current conditions and have adjusted within it by refereeing to shop online. But the highlighting element is that they are shifting towards the basic necessities, and despite going overboard, they are just buying things needed to live every day and healthy life.

Rapid Increase of Online Shopping

Many people have started taking precautionary measures to buy visiting an online store rather than going out and exposing themselves to the virus. With that in mind, people are also making it a habit, and it will undoubtedly impact the future of shopping behaviors.

Behavior of Retailers Due to the Pandemic

There are more aware and strategized moves seen by the retailers to handle their business during the pandemic. Around 68% of advertisers think that COVID-19 will impact their ad campaign spending into 2021 and have modified their plans accordingly.

Buy online and pick the in-store option

Many retailers have made new policies in which they have added options like pick in-store or buy online. Here, they view more exposure than they have experienced in their physical stores and provide customers better services.

Lots of Pakistani e-commerce stores such as Getnow, iShopping, Daraz & newly introduced Trylo are more concerned about fulfilling the customers’ needs by providing them possible services and various options in the product categories.

Early Holiday Shopping Sales

Since the consumers highly prefer online shopping, retailers have pulled their holiday shopping sales early. With the winter sales season, which almost started in October this year, everyone has scheduled an early date for online sales.

Be it the Black Friday or new year’s sale, and everyone is planning a step ahead of time. It has only benefited the consumers and retailers themselves as there is more time for customers to drop in their online shopping store and buy their favorite items.

The Bottom Line

There are several effects of Covid-19 on online shopping behavior, and it is only safe to say that we are months behind from the time we can go out to shopping malls and stores again. If you are also shopping online or encouraging it, then keep up and stay safe.

Published in The Balochistan Point on December 9, 2020

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