Latest News Team Announces to Launch November Shopping Mela!

There’s great great news for all you shopaholics out there! has announced the November Mega Sale that is the biggest current discount offer in town. Yes, the month is already known for bringing the best shopping festival of the year- the Black Friday, but is taking it even a step further. The early November sale is already live at the store and you can avail your favorite products at jaw-droppingly reduced prices. Read through the post to know what’s there in the offer and what makes it distinguishing.

Why Should You Avail the November Mega Sale at has a history of bringing the best discount packages in town. It announces a dozen offers every year and keeps its customers happier than others. It has only been two months since you enjoyed the Azadi sale, and now, you are all set to enjoy the November-special offer. Shop at and make the ending of 2018 more memorable than ever.

If you miss this offer, you will miss a really amazing feast! Every buyer looks for ways of saving money, and bargaining and negotiations are inevitable between the buyer and the seller. It does save you some money for sure, but it’s a hell of a lot difficult and such nuisance. You now have an opportunity of saving a handsome amount without going through much trouble. The special sale announced at offers products at surprisingly reduced prices and pretty much includes all the items you wish to buy. However, 60% of the product list comprises of beauty and fitness products. These items are expensive otherwise, so it would be wise of you to make the most of this offer.

Some of the highest-selling products among the list include hot shaper belts, slim sauna belt, Huda beauty palettes, and black head removing masks. There are other interesting yet useful items, too, that you should have a look at.

How Can You Avail the Sale?

As mentioned earlier, the sale is already live at and is available at your fingertips only. Shopping at is free from all the complexities and everything is just a click away from you. Visit the store and you will see a brown-colored sale bar at the top of the homepage. There is a blue-colored “shop now” button that you have to click in order to access the available offer. All the items are available at amazingly reduced prices, ranging from 10% to 50% decrement than the normal rates.

A detailed description is given with each product to ease your buying experience. However, you can always contact the customer care department if you still have queries. The members are available 24/7 to help you with any problem you face or any question that comes to your mind. The seasonal rush doesn’t interfere with the work and you get your ordered products just as fast as they are delivered in the normal working days. So, are you visiting the store now and planning to shop abundantly?

Published in The Balochistan Point on November 7, 2018

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