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Gwadar: Traders Protest Against Newly Planned Road

Suleman Hashim

Gwadar – Members of Traders Association Gwadar protested against the newly planned 70 feet wide road that will connect Javed Complex to Mullah Fazul Chowk, on Monday

A large number of traders and shopkeepers, whose shops will be affected due to proposed expansion, marched from the center of city to Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) main office to protest against the planned road.

“We welcome developmental projects in our city as far as they don’t affect us, however this time the 70 feet wide road will not only affect the shops, but it will have negative impacts on the economic means of hundreds of families in Gwadar,” a protestor told Balochistan Point.

The Traders Association Gwadar demanded from Government of Balochistan and GDA to decrease the width of the road and in case the shops do get affected, the shopkeepers should be provided an alternative market opposite to the coast guard area.

They warned that if GDA and the Government of Balochistan failed to execute their proposed demands, they will consider it a violation of their economic rights and will raise voice in every forum against the act using their constitutional and legitimate rights.

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Published in Balochistan Point on October 19, 2015

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