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High-rated CPEC and low-rated education in Balochistan

 By: Faiz Jan Baloch

China Pakistan long standing friendly relation shaped a game changing program by Chinese government’s full pledged cooperation towards its neighboring state Pakistan. The project’s main focus is almost in Balochistan, district Gwadar. Additionally, the departure of first cargo under the CPEC has been established western route to Gwadar.

But deliberately, everyone has calmed down to educate the youth. The fact is that criticism has  taken place in the whole controversy. Simply, the whole controversy is about CPEC and its effects on education. For robust education and other paraphernalia for the promotion of education is the need of connectivity between the students and tutors.

Despite all resources available a large segment of population seems to be deprived of basic educational rights. The Province is full of resources but backward in education. Even none is perfect to build a good environment to bring more sense in the minds of people. Heard about Gwadar that it is the high commercial hub of Pakistan, but there mostly people are complaining about water shortage and poor condition of educational institutions. Unfortunately, the federal government role seems to be not productive to safeguard people and encourage them by development policies. To continue, instead of CPEC people need education because education brings prosperity in every society.

Furthermore, before CPEC some projects were initiated in district Chagai where there is no educational and health system yet, now in both sides people are still facing eternal sufferings, CPEC is just nominal for them because people need education. A masterly effort is the need of both sides to bring educational thoughts in the minds of people. Government should fulfill its promises that before CPEC ruling tandem promised that they will provide a good atmosphere for settlers. An outstanding program should be imposed across the province where people can easily perform their affairs, by the virtue of non-educational environment are full of pathologies; government had better work for the robust education to decrease sense of deprivation in the region.

 Where there is no dearth of facilities like education and health, then people could not live a luxurious life. To cut short, due to the plethora of governmental hegemony, education has been turned into a business company. Education seeks refuge to save itself from business masters; on account of the stubborn policies of CPEC education has completely been jammed in Balochistan. The enigma of education needs preparation if did not prepare so in future it will create paradox for the masses. To analysis, CPEC will bring prosperity in the region, although not, then it will bring everlasting agonies so on. One tenure ago Gwadar port was inaugurated but after some years stopped. Due to the incompletion of tenures education has been neglected for long-term. Likewise, education is the backbone of every nation, unfortunately, the backbone of the nation is being neglected at all. As a result the rate of education is 20% in Balochistan than other provinces. Due to this, masses are deprived of such great facilities.

Moreover, to talk about educational society which is extremely debatable entire Balochistan, if education increased there would surely be prosperity, peace, and settlement.

In these situations the casual approach to the present era has already been drowned into the fire due to the lack of facilities for education. Instead allocation of fund is not enough much which is in lower rate than CPEC. Not only government is serious in the field of education to provide the basic facilities for the people but also leaders who are not taking any action against them those who are involved in corruption. The leader is one who must be sincere with nation to build a good nation at all. Similarly, as the people should be in quest that how to learn and how to get the basic ideas to educate the youth so should government. However, people are in hot water on account of lack of facilities. Additionally, people are not dispose of such a ghost educational system those who are not being facilitated from government departments. On the contrary, every system succeeds although it runs through a definite structure. Furthermore, in one side catastrophic condition of education and other side fortunate construction of CPEC is in the verge of the oasis. Nevertheless, it is more troubling and disappointing that through the entire province the unhealthy educational system is being desolated across Balochistan. In short, a support from leaders, society, and through social media is much enough. On the other hand, the unvoiced media is quietly silent about education but CPEC is being advertised in all over the country than education.

CPEC receives a quantum of funds but for education nothing is being advertised at all. The low rate of education could ultimately threaten the human minds, to give this context, the academic qualities are not enough in the province as CPEC holds the promise of being game changer in terms of savings economy so should education. Although, the provincial languages are more arguable than education, but education must be arguable at every conversation. If the same circumstances will take place in future then neither education will be neither profitable nor provincial languages. Slowly and stubbornly, the educational environment has been deeply wounded due to the lack of funds over all Balochistan. What is deeply troubling CPEC and education both are in one track but education is getting less profit than CPEC. A door to the development has been opened in all over the country and the government has sworn to provide the basic education for the environment of the common muggers.

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 Published in The Balochistan Point on January 17, 2018

 Disclaimer: The views expressed in this piece are of the author and The Balochistan Point does not necessarily agree with them.


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