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The depressing state of secondary education in Kalat

  By: Sayyed Farooq Shah

 Secondary education is the primary block of education system and it possesses a great importance in the life of student but unfortunately the condition of secondary education in Kalat city is disappointing. There are around twenty government and private high schools for girls and boys in Kalat and the number of colleges is only three in Kalat. Ironically, these institutes are not managed properly and the government is not trying to ameliorate these institutes. The numerous problems have caused the dismal state of secondary education in Kalat.  Negligence of education department, downfall of institutes, lack of facilities, lack  of science teachers and absence of teachers  in the schools and colleges; especially in remote areas are the burning issues that have created these dismal conditions of secondary education. Thus, these burning issues have deteriorated the whole education system in Kalat district.

In addition to this, the condition of schools and colleges is depressing. Although there are a number of government schools, yet these schools are not standardized and facilitated. There is absence of advanced laboratories, standard libraries, functional health care centers, sports equipment and sports ground in most of the high schools of Kalat. Similarly, the colleges are not well equipped with laboratory equipments, textbooks and general books in the library. The students face many hardships to do practical and carry their studies according to the modern needs due to the lack of facilities.

Furthermore, the negligence of education department and lack of science teachers have made the conditions bad. The institutes are not managed properly and they are not facilitated because of the negligence of education department.

The low allocated budget for education and corruption has worsened the conditions. The textbooks are inadequate in high schools and colleges for secondary classes because of corruption. Moreover, lack of science teachers in high schools is also a very serious matter. There are about 200 vacant posts of science teachers in high schools but the government has not taken any measure for fulfilling these posts. The students are going from pillar to the post because of this issue. Ultimately, these issues have violated the condition of secondary education in Kalat.

As a result of these issues, the students of secondary classes are deprived of getting standard and advanced education. They are even lack  textbooks and equipments of doing practical. They are unable to do their part in the development and progress of the country. This dismal state of secondary education is thus promoting frustration and cheating culture in the society.

Hence, it is need of the hour that the government should take effective measures to bring change and improvement in secondary education system of Kalat. The education department ought to be active to solve the problems that have caused the dismal state of secondary education.

Published in The Balochistan Point on January 14, 2018

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this piece are of the author and The Balochistan Point does not necessarily agree with them.

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