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Balochistan health sector-problems and solutions

By: Shabnam Rehmat

As health is very important sector of any state. Health is the great blessing of Allah Almighty. It is the responsibility of government to provide health facilities to its every citizen.

Good health is the priority of public. Unfortunately in Balochistan there are no good health facilities. People of Balochistan are facing numerous problems in terms of health. There is no good mechanism of hospitals, there is lack of modern machinery in hospitals and there are no capable doctors in hospitals. People of Balochistan are facing lots of difficulties specially the poor families for treatment of their patients.

In civil hospitals, there is deficiency of trained doctors and paramedical staff. Lack of praising nursing services, shortage of required drugs on the time and no modern surgical equipment are the main issues. Most of the time doctors are not available at hospitals. The patients in public sector hospitals are not well treated and there are no proper disciplines for cleaning.

Most of the doctors have their own private clinics and laboratories for earning money for business purpose. The poor people can’t afford the charges and fees of private hospitals. Poor people are totally dependent on government hospitals but the deteriorating government hospitals condition can be seen.

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In Balochistan unfortunately, there is only one medical college, Bolan Medical College (BMC) at the capital city Quetta which is not enough to produce trained doctors and nursing services for this huge population of Balochistan.So there must be 3 to 4 medical collages in Balochistan.

The incumbent government must work on health sector in Balochistan and  increase the budget of health sector. The public sector hospitals must be facilitated with all facilities and modern equipment.

The presence of trained and capable doctors in civil hospitals is imperative for better healthcare services. The government of Balochistan should take immediate measures to improve the worst health sector of the province. There must be proper financial management of the available resources & proper monitoring mechanism shall be implemented across the province in order to stop the menace of corruption from the health sector.

Shabnam Rehmat is a student of Balochistan English Coaching Center, Khuzdar.

Published in The Balochistan Point on January 19, 2018

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