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Letter: Education problem in Balochistan

 In this technology era, the most important but education in Balochistan has been the most neglected sector, which is creating more problems for the upcoming generation. Mostly the education of women and girls has been in gloomy.

 Although the women illiteracy rate in Pakistan is 80 percent and still growing. It is unfortunate that the education of rural women in Balochistan presents a bad picture. Only less than 2 percent rural female in Balochistan are illiterate. The females are compelled to leave their study to take the responsibility of domestic work.Beside this, most of the females are stopped by their parents and religious to join the schools.   

 The most saddening news is that due to lack of schools and good quality education in Balochistan, the young generation lives are being darker. They are also being involved in child labour, which is really bad for a child to work. It is estimated that 66 percent of children age of five and 16 in Balochistan do not attend schools. Total numbers of 1.8 children are out of schools and 2.7 million children are depriving of good and quality education.

 The dropout rate in primary school has  also became a serious issue, occurring in the province. Almost 865,337 children would join the primary schools and the rate decrease into 191,300 when they reached to middle school. And nearly 57 percent children leave without completing their primary education.

In Balochistan, nearly 12,347 state-run schools are available and around 6 percent are high schools. More than 76 percent school going children are attending at state-run schools, while 19 percent are attending private schools and 5 percent are enrolled at religious seminaries. Unfortunately not a single district of Balochistan has topped ranking in Pakistan, when it comes to education. As education is totally neglected and not getting any attention. Many schools are suffering from several problems including drinking water supply, lack of boundary walls and no chairs and mat for the students to sit on.

 Education can play a vital role for the development of Balochistan and it can bring several positive changes in the province. It is also our fundamental rights to get education, so programmes should be launch in   Balochistan, for giving them a quality education.   

 In this regard, The Nobel Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai should play her role for educating the women, who has promised to educate the whole females in Pakistan. We hope that Malala will help the girls for their   bright future.

  Sana Samad, Turbat

 Published in The Balochistan Point On April 1, 2017


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