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“Libraries in Balochistan”, a great campaign of BSAC

By: Qandeel Baloch

Books feed the human’s mind obviously and library is a place where books reside along with Philomath who spend their most of the time in study and research. Consequently the library is the most worthy and comfortable place for book worms where they read and jot down. Libraries are more important than institutions. Similarly, only those nations progress which establish more libraries than the institutions.

Having no libraries in a society, is tantamount to death, a society without a library is like a human without a soul and such society only creates soulless creatures -those are destructive for their own society or nation. The days sooner be closed that it remains thoroughly hinder and inhibit. Then, in fact, no one can find a single nurturer to mobilize and socialize the cream of the nation.

We cannot neglect the fact that the library plays a vital role. It cultivates the minds and cultivated brains generate creative pupils those who think, understand and work critically. They make sure their involvement in various parts of the development of their country and also reform the youth or get them ready against any threat. Moreover, the library is backbone of institutions and society. An atmosphere or society which lacks libraries it can be badly affected by social issues.

The Balochistan, unfortunately, possess dearth of libraries which are equivalent to none. If we talk about Quetta city, which is the capital of Balochistan has two public libraries named Sandeman and Provincial library; unfortunately, where students face different issues while the shortage of space and seats are the most noticeable ones. The students are compelled to go to libraries much earlier in the morning; going late they cannot find a single seat in the libraries.

The students of capital city face too many hurdles while they are compelled to rash towards the library of University of Balochistan (UOB) or Bolan Medical College (BMC), where they just get disappointed because the authorized ones do not permit them. This is the status of the capital city- Quetta, so what would be the position of remote regions of the state, indeed would be the toughest. Similarly Hub, the industrial city of Balochistan owns a single public library but it is still not functional.

Baloch Student Action Committee (BSAC) newly commenced campaign” Libraries in Balochistan” is highly appreciated. It may result more libraries in Balochistan and inactive libraries turn into open. The optimistic and talented youth of Balochistan want libraries.

Keeping in view the great need of libraries in Balochistan, all the students, student’s organizations and other professionals are requested to stand with BSAC, and be the part of the campaign. The concerned authorities and Chief Minister of Balochistan Qudoos Bizanjo ought to consider the request of pupils and establish and build new library buildings in cities and  far-flung areas of Balochistan including Quetta, Hub, Turbat, Panjgur, Awaran, Mashkay, Kharan, Chaghi, Kalat, Noshki, Mastung, Zhob, and so on.

Published in The Balochistan Point on February 8, 2018

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