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Panjgur Needs a University

By: Afsa Hidayat Jaam (Zehri)

Panjgur is a vast region sharing border with the neighboring country Iran. Education system in Panjgur district is really having a bad state at the moment.

The main and biggest issues of Panjgur district is lack of modern educational instructions. There is only one-degree college for girls and boys with separate campuses but no teachers are available there to teach students. While the poor students complete their FSC then they cannot afford to go the other cities to get remaining education in different universities of Pakistan.

The Educated youngsters of Panjgur who got their master’s degrees from different universities of Pakistan as they struggled a lot to get an engineering university for their hometown Panjgur, After demanding for a university, the youngsters organized a party by named ” Youth Alliance”

The President of that party is Mr-Mansoor Baloch and the founders are Guhram Shareef, Sher Ali and Wasim Munir, Bahram Baloch managing from Mslaysia, Sher Ali Warna , Dadshah Baloch and Beebarg Khalid.They are also struggling a lot.

While the students of Balochistan go to the different universities of Panjab the innocent students cover approximately 1500 to 1600 kilometers from  Panjgur to Punjab, then they face lots of issues and they pass through brutally discrimination against them.

 If an engineering university would be for the people of Panjgur otherwise nobody would go to the another city. The increase in number of unemployment also occurs due to lack of qualifications among youngsters of Panjgur district. As Panjgur is connected with the border of Iran.

The total number of universities in Balochistan is just three 3 while Punjab has 20. According to a recently press release the universities of Punjab has reduced reserve seats from 100 to 53 from the Baloch students of Balochistan. 

It is high time that government and Higher Education commission of Pakistan(HEC) should establish an engineering university for the people of Panjgur to save the future of youth.  Nevertheless it is a request of the party “Youth Alliance ” that Government should play a key role in its full development and Accomplish the needs of Panjgur district. .

Published in The Balochistan Point on October 6, 2018

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