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Poverty and its solution

By:  Siyyed Abdul Kareem Shah

Some people say that poverty is a curse, some people consider it as It’s fate. But the question is really confusing, what is poverty? How it can be defined? The poverty according to the sociologists: “is a financial state of an individual in which, the person is lack of it’s basic and financial needs”.

Poverty in human life can be natural and man- made. Poverty is caused by wars, like intolerance in the country, civil wars, cold wars, and world wars. Due to these wars the individual or government cannot reach to the daily business and earnings.

It is also caused by the inequality in society, cause of it, and the rate of poverty increases. This is due to the system of capitalism. Another big reason of poverty is natural disasters like volcanoes and earth quake or natural droughts. Above reasons are also capable of increasing the rate of poverty.

Because of these incidents, the government becomes unable to reach the needy people in their helpless condition. Another pointed reason of being poor is not getting jobs due to the high rising populations. As the population increases, the unexpected demand of jobs is to become.

According to the survey of (UNO) mostly poor are living lives in rural areas as the ratio is 75% and rather 25% in urban areas. Biggest problem for the poor in cities is that they live in slums where they can hardly get habitat.  Poverty is increased with bundle of sorrow in their lives.

The same condition is applied to many areas of Balochistan like natural disasters and droughts poverty is increased with high number. The system of capitalism and inequalities in their societies. Poor mostly live in villages.

They poor must be given better life. For this we have to strictly follow the rules of equality. Employments should be given as much as possible. We must make our children able to overcome the curse of poverty. We hope by doing these activities we can soon reduce poverty level as it is 60% in our whole country.

Published in The Balochistan Point on August 10, 2018

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