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Poverty-Stricken People and The Coronavirus

By Muhammad Hussain 

Currently the world is engaged in combating a pandemic issue. The pandemic is a type of infection caused by an n-Covid19, specifically known as the Corona Virus. The first case of this disease was reported to be confirmed in the Wahan city of China.

Overtimes, it has promptly dissipated and affected the entire world. The virus in Pakistan has expanded via the pilgrims. In terms of tackling with the unpredictable circumstances, Pakistan being a developing simply is combating the enormous domestic crisis, for instance, unemployment, energy crisis, health issues, FATF challenges and many more.

Bulk of the population live under the bottom line of poverty. Government of Pakistan has announced a scheme for the poverty stricken people but as usual people expressed suspicions of its reasonable start.

The lockdown, not merely affected the economy of Pakistan but it has seriously troubled the social, cultural and religious life styles of the people. The government wants to stop this pandemic abruptly but a setback that the poverty hit people tolerate will surely cannot be remunerated and the economic recessions just because of the lock down brings up an insufferable burden ever. This has to certainly affect daily wagers.

The working class are more prone to hunger than virus, the lengthened lockdown may seriously be dealt with, and Pakistan has to think for more appropriate methods in this time of challenge. Hence, the Government of Pakistan should only lockdown those cities where cases have been confirmed, as China only imposed lockdown in the city where virus outbreak emerged. Pakistan is not a developed country and it is impossible for the Pakistani government to provide food and other facilities to citizens.

To cap it all, the government of Pakistan should provide relaxation to the cities where susceptibility to virus is less and convey the timely preventative measures when required via various means of communication.

Published in The Balochistan Point April  16, 2020

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