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Seminar on Opportunities, Issues and Solutions to CPEC held in Karachi

Shoaib Durrazai

Karachi: Seminar on opportunities, Issues and Solutions to China Pakistan Economic Corridor held in Karachi on March 5, 2016 at Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari Institute of Technology

According to the details,   a seminar on “China Pakistan Economic Corridor: Opportunities, Issues and Solutions”,  was held at Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari Institute of Technology. Seminar speakers emphasizes on the importance of the Corridor, Issues related to the Corridor and best solutions available to get maximum benefits from the Corridor.

Aftab Ahmed Abro, Assistant professor of Economics at KASBIT briefly described the importance of the corridor for economic and social development of any nation and country. Mr. Abro presented examples of Silk Road and G.T Road.

“We have to analysis carefully that I how we can create more and more opportunities from this massive investment in the region” Mr. Abro said.

Dr Ahsanullah, Professor at KASBIT, talked about the geographical aspects of the corridor. DrnAhsanullah emphasized on the effective use of the geographical area of Gawadar, its importance in the region and connections within the Pakistan and outside the Pakistan. He also advised that proper planning and management provisions of the industrial labor and workers of corridor needed consideration.

 Mr. Hanif Dilmurad, journalist and researcher, analyzed   Gawadar Port, its habitants, location, culture, environment and other social aspects. Mr. Dilmurad further emphasized on the current situation of the local ship building industry, fisheries industry and connection with the corridor.

Mr. Asghar Aziz Sanjarani, ex president and CEO of Gawadar Chamber of Commerce and Industry discussed benefits of the corridor. Mr. Sanjarani in a detail talked about the    components and areas of interest of the corridor.

Mr. Tahseen, Mr. Balach Gul Khan and Ms. Iqra Munsif student of KASBIT also participated in the discussion on the corridor.

In a session a documentary was also a shown regarding issues in Gawadar, where water crisis was marked as a main priority and it was discussed.

Professor Muhammad Rais Alvi, Director KASBIT presided the seminar. He highlighted the importance of the discussions on current economic and social topics.

Professor Alvi thanked all the speakers, guests, faculty and students for their contribution to organizing the seminar on such important topic.

Professor Alvi declared, “This debate will continue and there will be next seminar in the month of April on China Pakistan Economic Corridor.” Professor Alvi declared

 He also announced that the coming issue of the Public Policy & Development Review a quarterly publication of KASBIT would be special number on the subject.

In a session a documentary was also a shown regarding issues in Gawadar, where water crisis was marked as a main priority and it was discussed.

Shields to speakers and certificates to the he present students

Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Abro, former head of the Water & Power Section, Planning & Development Sindh, Mr. Ghulam Murtaza Abro from Planning & Development Department, Mr. Saleem Jalbani and Mr. Ghulam Akbar Malik  from Planning & Development  Sindh  and Mr. Dilbar were also present in the seminar.

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Published in The Balochistan Point on March 5, 2016

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