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Startling Revelation: Afghan Immigrants Involved In Major Crimes But Balochistan Government Has Ignored The Issue

Quetta: In a high level security meeting chaired by Chief Minister of Balochistan, it was revealed that Afghan immigrants are the main source of crimes and terrorism in Quetta. Surprisingly, this revelation was ignored by the senior officials of Balochistan government.

According to a report published in a national daily, a security official made the startling revelation about Afghan Immigrants. He claimed that settlement of Afghan Immigrants will create loads of security problems in future for Quetta.

However, the officials of Balochistan government didn’t show any interest in this serious issue and didn’t discuss it for more than 5 minutes.

Security officials in same meeting told top leadership of Balochistan government that Afghan Immigrants are getting illegal CNICs and purchasing property in Quetta and its vicinity.  Same official also claimed that major acts of crime and terrorism in vicinity are carried out by Afghan Immigrants.

The indifference of the Balochistan government is surprising in this regard has baffled many people including the security officials.

Yesterday, senior minister of Balochistan termed the claims of Balochistan government about security situation as “Pack of lies.”

The attitude of Balochistan government to turn its eyes away like ostrich from the issue of Afghan Immigrants has exposed is priorities which don’t feature the protection of lives and property of common people.

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Published in The Balochistan Point on November 30, 2014

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