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A Memorable Visit Of Iran

Sami Parvez On 11th February, I met with my brother Irfan Obaid to bid him farewell before embarking on my journey to Iran. I started my journey towards Iran in a rented car which I shared with another passenger. My fellow passenger was an Iranian citizen who was returning back to his hometown after conducting some official business in Pakistan. ...

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Travelogue: A Splendid Visit To Hinglaj Mata Temple

Imdad Baloch I awoke up early in the morning for my journey to Balochistan.  After bathing, I collected all my important supplies and travelled 260 kilometers.  Hinglaj Mata is a famous national park in Hingol.  Its real name is Agor and is located 200 kilometers from Ormara & 260 kilometers from Karachi.  Hingol is one of the biggest national parks ...

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