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Letter: Role Of Pakistan In Yemen Conflict

Pakistan’s foreign policy is inherently no-interventionist. Yet it has always been unequivocal in its political, diplomatic and humanitarian support for Muslims in Palestine, Kashmir and recently in Yemen. Saudi Arabia is a brotherly Muslim country with an immutable religious reverence, therefore its call for helps needs to be considered with utmost sincerity. This is what our civilian and military leadership ...

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Letter: Nationalism And National Interest In Pakistan

The jargon ‘’Nationalism’’ has always ushered me into labyrinths of mental chaos.  Do we behold any sort of nationalism in Pakistan? Had it ever existed in Pakistan? Will it ever be witnessed? I am always entangled with such nature of queries that have always caused me an intense agitation. Retrospectively, yet I do not comprehend as to Why Pakistan had ...

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8 Soldiers Of Iran Killed Near Balochistan Border

Tehran – 8 soldiers of Iran have been killed near Balochistan border, according to reports of IRNA news agency on Tuesday. According to sources of IRNA, Iranian soldiers were allegedly killed by armed men who had entered Iran from Pakistan. “Armed terrorists entered Iran from Pakistan and clashed with border guards, killing eight soldiers before fleeing back to Pakistan,” Ali ...

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Pakistani Military Adventure In Yemen Would Affect Balochistan

Himayat Ullah Dostain Pakistan is intending to join the Yemen war and this would create more instability for Pakistan. The domestic situation in Pakistan is instable due to operation against Taliban, huge military presence in North West and border clashes with India. Still Pakistan is supposed to protect the sovereignty of Saudi Arabia. It’s alleged that Iran is supporting the Houthi ...

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