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The color of stars: Ali Baksh Dad’s educational documentary

By: Uziar Nizar Baloch

In a recent research conducted by Alf-Ailan, it has been studied that 70% children cannot go to school in Balochistan and among 12000 schools some 7000 schools are closed, some have been military camps and some have been  destroyed and have not been rebuilt.

The documentary “The color of stars” has been filmed on one of the deprived schools of Balochistan located in Dilsar Bal Nigwar Dasht Kech. The school has been shown deprived of basic rights like water, classrooms, teachers and peons. This mentioned documentary confirms the facts which Alf-Ailan, has gatherted in its research.

In this primary school three teachers teach 350 students only in one classroom. There is only one classroom, and the villagers have built a Kapar(Hutt) themselves.

The students come early in the  morning, first they clean the classroom, sweep the Taath and fetch water from another village and then they go to their home to take breakfast, wear uniform and come back to school. 

There are also handicapped students who can’t be taught the way they need due to lake of teachers and other facilities.

It becomes very difficult for three teachers in to teach 350 students  but nothing happen to rulers whom children are studying in high level school and those who are spending the   educational funds for their personal purpose. 

In 21st century Balochistan’s students are suffering from these problems and deprived of the basic rights.

We know there is no any interest of Govt to education but we public Youth, Students can do a lot for making education better in Balochistan. Youth have been doing but not as much as it required. 

Balochistan’s every village is suffering from these issues. This documentary has shown the unseen image of Balochistan’s educational system. The stars of Balochistan mirrors the stars of the each family of Balochistan but unfortunately their colors are withered and they have been colorless.

Published in The Balochistan Point on August 14, 2018

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