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The effects of drought 2005 on Baluchistan

Asad Khan Kakar

asad kakarBaluchistan consists of hilly areas. The inhabitants of these hilly areas are dependent on income sources i.e. agriculture and livestock. Most areas of Baluchistan province are pre-industrial from ancient times. Here the people prefer these both methods well for spending lives. The land of Baluchistan is highly fertile and very suitable for these sources. The inhabitants of hilly areas avail livestock while the inhabitants of desert area avail agriculture.

According to current survey the circumstances about agriculture and livestock have been changed as compared to previous time. That has one reason is drought which took place in 2005 and onward. This drought affected both livestock and agriculture very deeply in various forms. Every second person was the owner of gardens, which nowadays work as a labor in coal mines due to these destructions of drought. After 2005 people got engaged to give end to their crops because of the huge drought. Every district of Baluchistan had high production of fruits, vegetables and other crops. Gradually most of these fields got end because of lack of resources to maintain them more. Drought was in various forms as explained.

1- Drought brought lack of raining, before 2005 every valley and corner was highly watered and fertile due to heavy rain falls. This was short fall from sky towards Baluchistan’s greenery and fertility. Due to these short falls all mountainous areas have lost greenery and other products which were necessities for livestock. This issue has affected livestock to great extent
2- After 2005 drought and onward the underground level of water falls down every year which is the most danger signal towards the agriculture of Baluchistan, according to geologist if the government provides full electricity to Baluchistan landlords the underground water will get end, we will face challenges in the form of no water even for quenching thirst. Before 2005 the underground level for water was 200 feet which has now been shifted to 600-800 feet.

3- Third issue faced by inhabitants of Baluchistan after 2005 drought is the short fall of electricity. Before short fall was not considered as an issue even because the agriculture was dependent on natural resources like Chashma and Karez for the supplement of water. But now a days natural sources have got end its necessary to get water from underground with the help of artificial sources therefore short fall of electricity matters.

According to heads of zamindar action committee Baluchistan Khan Amanullah Khan Kakar and Syedtaj Agha: “all Farmers of Baluchistan get 6 hours light from WAPDA in all 24 hours. Because of all concerned issues the rate of production has been declined to great extent. Most of the landlords have left their lands and crops due to huge loss in agriculture.

I see zamindar action committee members daily on roads and strikes against government they have been tired but still no serious response to these people from provincial neither from federal government.Solutions to these issues are very crucial if the government would not take any serious action whole province would fall in deep crises. Unemployment rate would climb up extremely.
According to zamindar action committee Baluchistan can get rid of above circumstances if the government would take following steps mentioned:

1- The very first solution which is very crucial for these issues is to provide water storage in the form of Dams and water lakes. Baluchistan land’s underground level is declined. The only solution to improve water underground level is to make dams for storing water which will not improve underground level only but will also increase the rate of production of crops.

2. Second solution to this issue is for government to take step for serious reforms in agriculture and livestock departments of Baluchistan, which are not performing their duties on regular and needy basis.

3- Third solution play vital rule in agriculture improvement that is to show serious step of give end to short fall of electricity. Short fall is considered as challenge for agriculture maintenance.

If we would take actions to fight against these issues we will again get unite, disciplined, rich and happy Balochistan.

Published in The Balochistan Point on August 20, 2016

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