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There Was a Man Who Wasn’t Mad

By: Dur Bibi Ishaque

Twenty one minutes film narrates all irregularities of society. The film, There Was a Madman, is directed by Sharjil Baluch, the man who plays the character of ordinary member of society, and written by Zahir Lahri, the person who plays the character of a mad man, Shah Jee. Attractive dialogues and incredible expressions of the characters attract the audience in meritorious status.

It is a fiction short film which is based on different issues of our society which includes invalidated and elite class based politics, dis-respectfulness of law by the higher class of society, cleanliness, dependency of our country on the western countries. Entire film is shot at the railway station during the last portion of night with no public dealings.

Film starts with a close-up shoot of the madman whose name is Shah Jee (The King). Shah Jee addresses the empty chairs as if he is addressing a public gathering. He says, “My brothers,” “My brothers?” He asked himself again and denied by saying, “You can’t be my brothers, or friends. You’re my subject who votes me with the promise that I will secure your children’s future by providing them free education and health and respect your individuals honor,” He laughs at the end of his speech during the virtuala public gathering.

With the end of his message, he meets a young man, Sharjil. “Who are you?” The mad man Asks to him. I am human, Sharjil responded. “Hahaha, human,” he laughs. “How come a donkey’s meat eater can be a human?” he tells to Sharjil.

Suddenly dogs start barking. “Shut up.” Shah Jee screams at the dogs and told them, “Don’t try to act as human, you are civilized dogs.” This moment gives a twist to the story. “Why you’re standing on the road. Take a side.”

Mad man says to Sharjil, but he was staring him. “Can’t you listen? Take a side.” Madman repeats saying so. “Are you relative of SP (Superintendent of Police)? Madman asks. “This line opens all hidden doors of corruption.”

Shah Jee! Sharjil shouted. “How do you know my name? Are you a Spy?” Madman goes into a dilemma. “No I don’t work in any newspaper.” All the mal-practitioner of newspapers comes into screen.

“You’re a beggar, all you people are beggar.” Shah jee says repetitively. Prove it, asks Sharjil with a high tone. “Is this shirt or your phone made by you? Who makes all your stuffs?” Madman tries to realize Sharjil that all of the stuffs are manufactured by the western markets and industries. “All you kill each other on sectarian basis.” Madman narrates diversities and killing-policies.

A madman who is actually a courageous man, is not mad in this coward society. The madman narrates all the weak politics and social injustice. At last he concludes his words by saying; our nation needs to make an identical call for the corruption, unjust socio-political system. If you want to survive till the next decade, then you’re the call yourself.

Published in The Balochistan Point on October 10, 2017

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