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Turbat: From Fortunate to Unfortunate Reign

By: Durr BiBi Ishaque

 I know that the title of this piece is title bizarre. It should be unfortunate to fortunate because we should move from badness to goodness, not from goodness to badness; order of human nature. But it’s fortune of Baloch which is itself bad.

Firstly, I talk about what is a fortunate life? Fortune maybe luxurious for you but for me it is a land which has knowledge. Balochistan is the land where my father even doesn’t remember that when it was fortunate moment for her, however, about 16 years ago a hope appeared, few youngsters grew a grain in this barren land, and the grain was of Delta, an educational institution.

Delta was established about 16 years ago with name of Delta English Language Center. In a very short time, Delta opened a branch of Delta schooling system. The school was very much concerned with the future of children. It was really amazing when I heard that Delta’s students debate on Cuban revolution. That was the moment for applause.

This institute was not only established for students of Turbat but students from different districts of Makuran also received its benefits. Seven students from Delta school scored good marks in CSS. These efforts of Delta gave light to the dark. How it could be possible that education system in Balochistan could run so well without any interruption.

In 2013, hullabaloo of election was on peak and future of Delta was shivering. A campus, which was located beside the house of Dr Abdul Malik Baloch, former chief minister of Balochistan, was closed. After sometimes that campus was reopened but student’s response was not like past zeal. In fact, it was the blaze of youngster who determined that they would give every student access to education.

So, after few years, Delta again stiffened to the past position. Many Baloch students whom I know are doing their graduation from University of Karachi are from Delta. These students have grip in English, spoken and written both, and many other skills are much better than the students of Karachi city.

The building Delta has been demolished. This is the act of those people who are against education, because they do not favor the concept of “readers are the leaders’ whom Delta was shaping in reality.

 Durr  BiBi Ishaque is studying Philosophy in University of Karachi.

Published in The Balochistan Point on June 8, 2017

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