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What is Early Childhood Development?

Gohram Baloch

Childhood is an endearing phase of life for the child as well as for the family. In addition, it has the prospective to create hope, happiness and prosperity for the community and nation at large. Early Childhood is foundation of future personality. ECD is considered as the age of child’s life from conception to eight years. ECD includes all the essential supports a young child needs to survive and grow strong and healthy in life, as well as support a family needs to promote children healthy development. This includes integrating development, nutrition, and intellectual stimulation.

Some research showed that Experiences for children from zero to eight (0-8) years of age provide the child with the foundations for later learning and for formal education. Hence, early childhood development is a very important phase of life. The exposure, play opportunities, and experiences provided to children have great impact for future life.

The positive effects that ECD can change the development path of children by the time they enter school. A child who is ready for school has less chances of repeating a class, being a school drop-out.

ECD is the period from prenatal development to eight years age. It is a crucial phase of growth and development. Experiences during early childhood can influence outcomes across the entire course of an individual’s life. Moreover, for all children, early childhood provides an important window of opportunity to prepare the foundation for lifelong learning and participation. “Health is a good starting point to advocate ECD collaboration and integration. ECD is not only a good health, but also well-being.”

It is said that if you are going to build a building then its foundation must be very much strong. Therefore, human being foundation is childhood. If in childhood a child gets ECD interventions then surely he or she is going to have bright future as well as contribute productively to society.

Published in The Balochistan Point on January 6, 2015

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