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World Teacher’s Day

By: Sami Parvez  

Every year on October 5th World Teacher’s Day is celebrated around the world.  On this day, everyone pays a true or a rich tribute to their teacher’s for their astonishing efforts on achieving their goals.  As well, students say thanks to their teachers for their great hard work, and devotion for educating and inspiring them.

Teachers play a major role for building up a good or educated society. Nevertheless, teachers are the backbones of a nation or main pillars of a society. They are the only ones who sacrifices their lives to build up a luminous future to their students. 

According to an anonymous quote, “Teaching is the only profession which creates others all professions.”

In addition, Teachers are the ones who teach or guide to their students between the differences of right and wrong or good or and bad. They always encourage and motivate their students for reaching their destiny. No doubt, they always stand side by side to their students in the hard time of their students. 

‘Teachers have higher status than parents. Because parents bring the children from sky to earth but the teachers again take them to the earth’ (My Beloved Late Mother always told me)

In the nutshell, it is the responsibility of all the students that they should highly respect their teachers, as they are reach on that stage because of their teachers.

In addition, it is every single person moral responsibility to celebrate such events and thanks their teachers or remember them on this very special occasion and pay high tribute or gratitude them.

Published in The Balochistan Point on October 5, 2018

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