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Thank you, Teachers!

By: Ali Jan Maqsood

Teachers’ day, celebrated once in a year on 5th of October, is considered an honor and respect for the teachers all around the globe. Their approach in making happened a significant revolution in individuals of a society is worth appreciating. That, too, takes a nation to the highest peak of success. Unfortunately, we relate to a country where we devalue the teachers once get to have the success in our professional lives, not realizing the first steps of our success that had happened to appear under the same teacher’s guidance. Yet a teacher is beyond rancor and hatred but with a smile accepts the devaluation given to him or her by the same students that he had taught once. That is the love of a real teacher which is, for sure, beyond everyone’s love. 

Similarly, when I got to admission in my school, I was nervous for the situations were very new to me. I was lost in the unbeknownst crowd at the very moment but they were teachers who held my hands and made me overcome the hurdles of my educational career. They were always proud of each achievement as real parents and never made me realize that I didn’t belong to them. On the other hand, they, each time, put their utmost best to motivate their students for the right path of success accordingly. Even when they have to tell us our weaknesses, they never ever have it said directly but with pure love and after fully motivating us. This is why, a teacher is always loved by his or her students. 

Many others quote that Teachers are our second parents  but I would say that  They are the reflection of our parents.  Because of their love and support we get inspired to pursue our education further. Even, the teachers always think the same for us as they think of their own children. They take us from the first step till the very last with fully dedication, motivation, affection and inspiration. 

Finally, a teacher is never an enemy for us though sometimes they implement strict rules over us but just for our bright future these rules and regulations of the teachers have existence. So, never hate your teachers and always give them the due respect that they deserve for they are always the main causes of the success we taste. Without their inclusion in our lives, we won’t be able enough to get any sort of pleasure in our educational careers. 

With this piece, I mean to wish my all teachers ‘A very happy Teachers’ day’. And I am sorry for all the naughtiness or absence I showed towards you all. And again, if I am able enough to jot down this piece, is all because of the efforts you all had put over me as a whole. Thank you, teachers!

Published in The Balochistan Point on October 5, 2018

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