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Writing for the social change

By: Engr Saeed Jattak

Youth has obsession to do any possible effort in young age as the fresh mind allows brand new thought to be generated and eager to follow through. However, literally young generation does not revitalize the power of writing except some exceptional youth who desire to be writer but lack know-how.

Expressing collective ideas into physical shape is considered as writing. It becomes passion for those who really understand the value of it but it turns out to be a vision for those who intend to contribute in society. Writing is not only fetching the words with the nib of a pen but also conveying the observations circulating in human brain and reshaping it into practical structure by implementing for the welfare of society. Writing skills can be developed through education and creative thinking with sincerity.

Education is being considered as soft weapon in peaceful world that leads to survive in the modern world it also teaches the art of living in accordance with human made rule and regulations to benefit the other creatures. It empowers, to be aware of our fundamental rights and do not let them be snatched. It enables to utilize brain storming and bring the thoughts created in mind with exploring them in modern society.

The power of writing may bring bright lighting when darkness surrounds in congested situation. The optimistic approach with loyalty and truth would be the key strategic plan in this field and determination would be an asset even facing the failure all around. Mature imagination will boast morality and encourage personal writing abilities addressing social evils. Proper solution will be appreciated with improved policy. The writer would have a vast visualizing observation in society and having strong commitment towards his objective.

 The nepotism is the worst part in writing which will put a negative impact on writer even a writer is a great motivator or famous personality. The people may not agree with me on every point but everyone has their own capability of thinking. The necessary precautions for young writer would be the point to point preview of current affairs and keeping a close eye on current issues occur around them nationally and internationally. The written draft even after publication would be the voice circulating in the mind of authorities toward solution of problems.

 We the young writers can change the world through our educational power and transform peaceful surroundings by suggesting precious messages through written format. The global era is the era of new technology with electronic and print media it is time to be united for a social reform. The young sincere social worker can carry revolution by their social activities for the amelioration of nation while motivating general public for doing good. These efforts would be the huge contribution to reduce the curse of evils from the society and built a strong elegant nation.   

Published in The Balochistan Point on March 3, 2018

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