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An Open Letter to HEC

Shahdad Baloch

It is not the only time in this country when the young and talented students face problems attaining their due rights. A similar case can be witnessed in the Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology (BEUT) Khuzdar.

Sayed Mohammad, child of a poor family, got distinction throughout his academic career including a position among top-twenty students of Balochistan in his intermediate. Through a scholarship Program of HEC, he got admission in BEUT Khuzdar in the Electrical Engineering Department. He appeared in the final examination this year and scored 93.61% marks.

Five months after result, Sayed Mohammad approached the controller examination for his result card and merit certificate but controller refused to issue both the documents saying that a female student from his class had filed a case for the reconsideration of her marks.

It is interesting that female student filed a case for reconsideration of marks after a six-month gap. Anyhow, the issue was resolved and Sayed Mohammad got his much awaited documents and submitted them for a position in QESCO. Its rule in QESCO that top position holder in Electrical Engineering Department of BUET-Khuzdar is given job as SDO without any test or interview.

When the department sent the mentioned documents for verification, once again, they were refused on the basis that competent authorities were reluctant. Dejected, Sayed Muhammad visited the Vice-chancellor office, the Dean, and the chairman of the concerned Department but the reply was all same; bitter, tyrannical and unjust.

More importantly, he was threatened of grave consequences, if he visited them again. Few days later, much astonishing to him, the result was manipulated and the girl-student was announced as the topper by adding 50 marks to her overall score. The semester rules don’t have a provision for the reconsideration of the result of three subjects after such a long gap.

Administration enjoys no authority to manipulate the score whatsoever but when favoritism starts its lethal effects very few departments in Pakistan remain unaffected.

Therefore, higher authorities of Higher education Commission (HEC) and the governor Balochistan are requested to have kind glance at the matter. Such malpractices, when left uncured, will devour the rights of hardworking students.

Published in The Balochistan Point on November 17, 2015

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are those of the author and The Balochistan Point not necessarily agrees with them.

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