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National Party has Failed to Solve Problems of Makran: PML-N Youth Wing

Shoaib Durrazai

Turbat – President of PML-N Youth Wing Turbat chapter, Dad Jan Karim, has criticized National Party (NP) government and said that Youth of Makran is totally frustrated due to current government.

“Current government has failed to solve youth issues like unemployment and education,” said Mr. Dad Jan Karim while talking to Balochistan Point.

He further added that previous government gave 5,000 jobs under Aghaz-e-Haqooq-Balochistan Package (AHBP) but NP government has failed to provide jobs to people of Makran.

NP only appointed its own party members on almost all posts, alleged Mr. Karim.

“In spite of having coalition with NP youth supporters of PML-N are being neglected,” added Mr. Karim.

He further said that according to the latest survey of HRCP, 41 schools of tehsil Tump are closed for 6 years which is a question mark on educational emergency of Balochistan government.

“Merit claims by National Party are mere political slogans and have nothing to do with reality,” said Mr. Karim

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Published in Balochistan Point on November 19, 2015

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