Latest News Re-launched with a New Improved Website Design

The Internet world is on the verge of creativity and innovation; new features keep on coming and the old ones keep upgrading. Therefore, the online marketplaces have to be competent enough so that they won’t go out of sight. understood it so well and relaunched with an improved version. It’s a new online marketplace but has already strengthened its foundation in this arena, and the revamped structure serves as an icing on the cake. From improving the layout to enhancing technical features, it reworked everything and gave an entirely new look to the website.

Why is it Necessary to Revamp Your Web Store?

As I said, everything in this fast-paced world is changing, and you have to be smart enough to stay in the market. Something new comes in the Internet world every day, and if you don’t bring yourself up to the par, you’ll lag behind. Therefore, it is necessary to revamp your website according to the current UX/UI designing. It includes a lot of things, for instance, understanding the competitors’ and customers’ mind, improving the layout by adding new landing pages and attractive visual features, content development by optimizing your website for SEO, making it mobile-friendly, and personalizing it as per your customers’ minds.

This is precisely what did, and that’s why it has won its buyers’ hearts. Even though it’s a new online marketplace in Pakistan, it already owns a satisfied number of customers. It recently revamped its website by enhancing the look and feel by using contrasting colors and adding visuals, doing an in-depth customer and competitor analysis and altering everything accordingly, developing its content as per current needs, and doing latest wire framing and prototyping. The incorporation of modern UX/UI designing lets a visitor do a lot of searching and buying within seconds. is now one of the most emerging online marketplaces in Pakistan that has given its buyer an ultra-modernized platform for online shopping. The added pages are efficient; therefore, they allow you to switch from one category to another within milliseconds. What is more, the recently added blogs on the page help you in making your buying decision. It has been written in simple words that are easy for everyone to understand and pretty much includes everything a buyer has in his mind while shopping. With the help of highly trained UX/UI designers and developers, has become a most advanced online store in Pakistan.

Published in The Balochistan Point on June 28, 2019

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