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Complex for special education in Balochistan

 By: Sultana Jamil

A socially and economically empowered society disadvantaged in particular, have access to an ethical social welfare system, and their well-being is protected through effective and citizen-centered service delivery. As a social worker, I did my research in the Complex for special education in this institution. There are four schools; school for hearing impaired, physical handicapped, visually handicapped and mentally retarded including hospital Dar-Aman, two hostels and newly a college is made for special children.

Firstly, it was in Patel road named Kiran complex. There was just one section for blind in 184 In 185 Zia-ul-hak established it named complex for special education. I strongly investigated and the institution is used for earning. Corruption is loudly speaking in the complex. The complete Agency get 8 crores budget annually.

Unfortunately, 50 lacs are not being spent towards education. When you visit the school, the building is being demolished and it’s not being facilitated with repair. No one is aware that where the budget goes and everyone keeps complaining about others. And the most important problem faced by students is, they are being taught the same course books which are for normal students. Teachers are not trained neither their courses are being changed. The system is totally bad for the special children’s rights are being snatched by powerful people.

The worker’s role is to provide data and direct advice in a number of areas about which he may speak with authority. It’s my duty to highlight the issues being faced by special children in the complex for special education. Therefore, It is my humble request to the Government to take strict action against this injustice.

Sultana Jamil is a student at Social Work Department University of Balochistan, Quetta.

Published in The Balochistan Point on October 26, 2018

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