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How Pakistanis can get the most from Online Shopping sales

Doesn’t listening to offers like 30% or 50% off appeal you? Don’t you feel an urge to buy more when there are discounts around? Well, the off prices create a psychological impact on buyers’ mind and urge them to buy more and more. However, you have to play smart to make the most of sales and discounts. People rush when they listen to discounts and they lose more than saving by doing so. Follow the tips below and save while shopping during sales.


The online stores follow the same promotional calendar as the retail shops. On every occasion, amazingly cheap deals and discount sales are announced. You can avail them and save a lot of money. Sometimes in a year, the sales reach up to 70 to 90% which means you have to pay less than half the actual price. In Pakistan, pre-Eid sales, black Friday, and Independence Day sales are the most common deals and discounts that are announced every year.

Follow your favorite store’s website and download its app to remain updated. The items vanish in a split second during discount offers. Most of the stores announce offers one or two weeks before they announce a deal. Browse through the website and save the products you want to buy beforehand. The only way of availing sale offers is to rush through them. Login and add the product you saved to cart.

Become a Premium Member

Most of the online stores give a privilege to their regular customers. Some provide codes that you can enter and avail the off prices exclusively offered to regular customers. It works for sales and discounts, too. Moreover, some stores offer you to become their premium members by following some simple steps. By doing so, you will be able to see the sale offers before non-premium members and get your hands on the products.

Use Comparison Tools and Websites

You can now use several apps to compare the web and retail store prices. These apps save you from fraudulent activities that are coupled with the online services. You can find competitive prices on these apps that further ease the shopping process. However, it is always advisable to research the apps that are common and reliable.

Look for Free Delivery

There are some online shopping stores like which offer all the products with free shipping whereas some others such as Apnafurniture don’t offer such services as shipping cost of their heavy products is usually too high. During sales, there is a massive rush of customers, and sometimes, websites and apps get hanged due to large traffic influx. This makes it difficult for you to search for different things including shipping charges. Therefore, it’s smart to search for stores that offer free shipping prior to the announcement of sales.

Use Your Cards

Not only websites, different banks announce offers before mega occasions such as Eid. You can always make the most of such offers. Therefore, look around which banks are offering you the best deals. Since there is a competition among banks in Pakistan, each one tries its best to announce the most appealing package to attract customers.

Published in The Balochistan Point on February 12, 2018

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