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Letter: Deteriorating condition of Education in Awaran

Education is a blessing for every individual. It plays a crucial role in development of a nation. Unfortunately, the people of Balochistan are deprived of quality education in general and Awaran in particular. There are many ghost schools in Awaran. In recent report, there are total 132 schools in Jahao and 87 of them are closed. Moreover, there are 94 boys’ schools from which 56 are off. Similarly, there are 38 girls’ schools out of which 31 are completely closed. In 2018, a notification had been issued by the Secretary of Education for building of 29 schools but most of their’ buildings have not been built yet.  

Most importantly, operating schools are deprived of basic facilities such as buildings, drinking water, toilets and many more. Most of the high schools are also running with no science teachers. So, the education Minister should take a serious action to solve this problem.

Alim Ali, Awaran Peerandar.

Published in The Balochistan Point on November 3, 2019

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