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Letter: Hunting of Houbara in Balochistan

Houbara is a rare bird that comes from cold countries to Pakistan in winter season for surviving life. Unfortunately, In Balochistan  hunters come from Saudi Arabi,  hunt them and break all rules of wildlife organizations.

Chagi is the biggest district of Balochistan where a huge numbers of Houbaras come to save their lives, but here their lives are more in danger.

Despite ban on hunting Houbara in Balochistan the federal government welcomed the Saudi hunters for hunting in Balochistan, they have allotted the entire district and allowed them to destroy thousands of Houbaras and every day they punch 50, 60 Houbaras.

Last year they hunted thousands of infrequent birds in Balochistan, many officials   requested the Government for permission to Saudi hunters but once again they came for hunting through federal government. We   are surprised why federal government breaks the rules and regulations against hunting banned birds.

So I request the world wildlife organizations to stop Saudi Hierarch from hunting in Balochistan.

Pullan Chakar, Turbat Kech

Published in The Balochistan Point on January 8, 2018

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