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Letter: Menace of cheating rampant

Cheating is recognized as the worst culture which is devastating the educational system. Unfortunately, it has become the most grim-faced and burning issue in the education sector across the country and being done openly during the exams of matriculation, intermediates, masters and bachelors. They pass their examination with the help of cheating through using cellphones and guidebooks and other materials of cheating. 

Indeed, it demolishes the abilities of the students and does not allow them to gain quality education. It diminishes the capacities and interest of a student toward education. It eliminates the fact dreams of the students as it is the sign of gloomy future owing to it; the country has been pushing back bit by bit.

Students normally pass their examination without hard working and sincere efforts. In this culture, students, family members’ even teachers’ enormous supports are indulged. By the source of cheating, we can gain degrees but not knowledge. 

The standard education in the government schools of Pakistan has deteriorated owing to the cancer of cheating. The root cause of downfall in education is the culture of cheating.

It is the responsibility of government to concentrate on the education and make drastic efforts to improve the role of quality education. Educational authorities are requested to take some worthwhile steps regarding this core issue in order to get access to standard educational facilities and overcome the menace of cheating rampant from the country.

 Mannan Samad

Published in The Balochistan Point on April 2, 2017


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