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Letter: Neglected archaeological sites in Balochistan

The historical places are present everywhere in the world and being repaired in every year by the government. Similarly, several famous historical places exist in different parts  of Balochistan but these are neglected. Makran is one of the oldest centers of Indus Valley civilizations, where Mirri Fort, Damb Shahi Tump in Turbat  are located, dated back to 4000 BC. These ancient centers belong to pre Harrpan period of Indus Valley civilization.

 However, beside a little excavation in these sites no concrete steps have been taken to unearth history and culture of these ancient sites. Unfortunately, neither government nor any NGO have taken any serious action for the preservation of these ancient sites. On the other hand, the local people dig the places in search of hidden treasures and destroy these historical sites. That is why,these diggings have left devastating effect on these valuable sites.

 The concerned authorities should take serious action to preserve these ancient archaeological sites.

 Nadil Shah

 Turbat, Kech

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