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Letter: Poor Education in Awaran

Awaran is one of the biggest districts of Balochistan but no one is aware about education of it. As we know that Education is the best source in the world to change a country or a society from darkness to brightness but government of Balochistan is unconscious about above mentioned District.

Lack of teachers and schools is a major problem in Awaran; the students who love to read or study more are disappointed and compel to work in field with their guardians. It is known that an uneducated person can do anything about which he/she is not familiar with the advantages and disadvantage of their country or own people so they can take weapon and suffer from drug addiction.

If Government of Balochistan wants development then must pay attention towards Awaran education and educated the new generation.

Huma Khair Mohammad, Awaran.

Published in The Balochistan Point on December 21, 2016

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